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About Us

We are dedicated to empowering families, decreasing risk factors, and improving positive youth outcomes.

Magna United Communities that Care (CTC) is a youth substance use prevention coalition dedicated to increasing positive youth outcomes and empowering families in the Magna community. We are a group of diverse stakeholders that represent community members, youth, and various community partner organizations.

Together, we worked to assess community-wide data to identify priority youth health and behavior problems to guide our implementation of community health programs and policies in Magna. We are dedicated to providing youth, parents, and families increased access to community-wide services.

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Our organization is structured into four different groups:

Key Leader Board

Our Key Leaders are representatives of the communities in Magna that we serve. These include individuals in the following sectors: parents, youth, business, religion, media, school and education, youth-serving organizations, law enforcement, volunteer groups, healthcare professionals, state/local agencies, and other local organizations. If you belong to any of the above groups and would like to be part of Magna United, please reach out to us.


These are subgroups within the coalition that meet monthly to focus on specific projects and tasks. Workgroups include:

  • Board Maintenance and Development
  • Implementation
  • Community Outreach and PR
  • Finance and Funding
  • Safety and Success
  • Magna in Motion

Community Board

The Magna United Community Board meets each month to make important decisions about what projects the coalition will take on.

The Youth Coalition

This group is made up of a few of the adult board members for Magna United along with a handful of teens who live in Magna. As part of the Youth Coalition, teens develop strong leadership skills and responsibility while also learning about policy and legislature, youth substance prevention, mental health awareness, and youth advocacy. There may be opportunities for travel and networking. We meet every two weeks after school at the Magna Library. 

Ways to Get Involved

Magna United only exists because of people like you who want to make a difference in the community. We are always looking for event volunteers as well as community members who would like to support Magna through coalition work.


The Community Board meets monthly to discuss the progress of the coalition and make decisions about future coalition initiatives.

Board Development & Maintenance Workgroup

The Board Development & Maintenance Workgroup holds orientation for new members and does member recognition through cards, spotlights, and annual events.

Public Relations & Outreach Workgroup

The PR workgroup is responsible for coalition social media, designing swag, and assisting with any outreach projects.

Finance & Funding Workgroup

This workgroup helps to find new funding sources for the coalition, assists the coordinator with grant writing, and any other budgetary needs.

Implementation Workgroup

This group monitors the implementation and evaluation of community programming supported by the coalition.

Youth Advisory

The Youth Advisory Committee oversees the Youth Coalition. Members attend all Youth Coalition meetings, teach lessons at Youth Coalition meetings, chaperone at Youth Coalition conferences, and supervise in other ways requested by the Youth Coalition leadership.


The Youth Coalition is a youth led group for Magna area youth in grades 6th – 12th. The Youth Coalition focuses on leadership, advocacy, community service, and career readiness.


There many ways to partner with Magna United CTC which include volunteering at events, subscribing to our newsletter, donating food or other supplies for our meetings

Contact us

If you’d like to get involved or just learn more about how the work we’re doing can help you and your family, please fill out this form or email us at and we will respond as soon as we can.

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