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Local programs and services to support your family.

Parent and Teen Classes

  • Salt Lake County Youth Services offers free parenting and teen classes. Learn more here.
    • Guiding Good Choices – This program consists of five classes designed for parents with children ages 9 to 14 and is taught in both English and Spanish. In these classes, parents will learn about how to prevent drug use in their families, managing family conflict, how to control anger, and strengthening family relationships. For more information about enrolling, please contact:
      • German Ochoa
        Phone: 385-468-4544
    • Staying Connected With Your Teen – This online program is available to parents of children ages 12-17 and teaches them about managing family conflict, communication skills, decision making, teen development, and how to be a positive influence in their child’s life. The program consists of five classes. For more information, please contact:
      • Diana Johnson
        Phone: 385-468-4430
    • ME Time – This is a six class program meant for teens ages 13-17 who are experiencing mild symptoms of depression. Teens will practice challenging  negative thoughts and emotions and learn how to use positive coping mechanisms. If you are interested in registering your teen, please contact:
      • Jodi Rushton
        Phone: 385-468-4532
    • Breaking the Chain – This online program is 12 classes long and is available to teens ages 14-19.  Teens will learn about myths regarding drug abuse and the consequences of using drugs as well as building decision-making skills, positive thinking, and how to listen to others with an open mind. To enroll your teen, please contact:
      • Mary Smith
        Phone: 385-468-4525

Community Classes at SLCC

  • Salt Lake Community College offers the community access to a variety of resources, many at little to no cost. Learn more here.
    • Youth Camps  – SLCC offers a variety of summer programs designed to educate and inspire youth (elementary to high school students) in a variety of STEM, theater, and athletic camps. Participants expand their education and skills while having fun and making new friends.
    • Thayne Center for Student Life, Leadership & Community Engagement – SLCC’s Thayne Center for Student Life, Leadership & Community Engagement connects students to resources and programs that cultivate empowerment, leadership, and social change. Through its community partnership program, the Center fosters lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with community organizations and serves as a resource to the community.
    • Community Writing Center – SLCC’s Community Writing Center offers a variety of workshops to teach community members of all ages how to become a better writer of short stories, resumes, college application essays, poetry, and more. Walk-in assistance is free. Workshops range from low to no cost.
    • Know Greater Heroes – The SLCC Know Greater Heroes Program partners college athletes with elementary aged students and their families, empowering them to be active, live healthfully, choose education, and that each person is their own Hero! Click on the link to learn how to schedule an assembly for your school.
    • Learn and Work Program – If you are a Utah resident looking for an opportunity to enhance your career or start a new one, funding through Learn & Work and Salt Lake Community College is now available to cover the full costs of short-term training courses and certificate programs designed to put you on the path to success. To get started today, choose from the list of eligible courses/programs to learn more about your area of interest, including how to apply, register, and receive financial support.

Positive Activities for Youth

Educational resources for teens and their families.

Vaping Prevention for Youth

Vaping Prevention is a top priority for Magna United Communities that Care to focus on, especially in the youth population. Many people believe that there aren’t any dangers of using an electronic vaping device and that it’s not as risky as smoking cigarettes. In reality, the vape from these devices often contain various toxic chemicals and Nicotine. Click on any of the links below to learn more about what vaping is, the risks of vaping, and other helpful information for both parents and teens.

Underage Drinking

Magna United works to reduce underage drinking in Magna’s youth population. See the below resources about underage drinking.

Parents and Families

Improving Family Communication

Parents play a significant role in their teen’s development, but many families struggle with communication and bonding. Below are some helpful resources to reconnect your family and have meaningful conversations.

  • is a statewide initiative in Utah that provides valuable information on how to talk to your teen about underage drinking and encourage conversations at the dinner table.
  • has an informative page for parents about the dangers of vaping.

Family Hardships

Feeling safe and secure at home is an important factor to positive youth development. However, many families often face relationship tensions, financial struggles, and other hardships.